Safety Policy

Danis Painting Co., is committed in ensuring all of our employees adhere to our strict Safety Policy.  You can rest assured that when you hire us, safety is at the top of our list.  We are licensed and insured, and comply with all safety standards.  Our license # is: 662554.

1.  All employees will follow this safety policy.  You shall ensure the safety of the operation and report all unsafe practices & conditions to your supervisor or management.

2.  If it is known that you are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, you will be sent home and will not be allowed to work.

3.  If you are tired, sick or upset and this affects your alertness to the point of increasing the risk of injury to yourself and/or others, you will not be allowed to work.

4.  Make sure that all protective measures are in place at all work sites and correctly adjusted.  You must report any deficiencies to your supervisor or management.

5.  Horseplay, wrestling or similar acts that endanger the safety of others and tarnishes the professional environment for our clients is strictly prohibited.

6.  You may not smoke, drink coffee or eat on the job site.  This is to prevent accidental spills.  All of these activities must be conducted off the job site.

7.  Always make sure that there is adequate supervision available while working with equipment or handling heavy loads.

8.  Always practice good housekeeping on the job site.

9.  You must report all injuries, (small and major) to a supervisor so that proper medical aid can be provided.